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May 13, 2022

IPCC offers economic and environmental gains for mining companies. In this podcast, Tarrant Elkington, Snowden Optiro's Global General Manager talks to IPCC expert Phil Morriss about the  applications and benefits of IPCC.

This episode at a glance:

  • 0:53 Introduction of Phil Morriss (yes, that's him laughing in the background!)
  • 1:16 Phil explains what IPCC is
  • 2:38 Benefits of replacing trucks with IPCC
  • 5:17 Economic/Unit cost savings
  • 7:17 Environmental benefits - carbon footprint reduction
  • 8:48 Key drivers to get best benefits from ICC
  • 14:36 Anything against using IPCC?
  • 16:50 Future of IPCC and its application

If you would like to discuss the application of IPCC for your mine site or would like more information, please contact either Tarrant Elkington or Phil Morris: