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Jul 29, 2022

In this episode, Rayleen Hargreaves, Principal Consultant and Reconcilor Product Owner discusses Reconciliation versus Rescaling with Ian Glacken, Executive Consultant with Snowden Optiro. Both Rayleen and Ian are passionate advocates for continuous improvement via reconciliation across the entire mining value chain.

This podcast at a glance:

1:05 Definition of reconciliation
2:07 What is the differrence between reconcilation and rescaling
6:20 The pros and cons of rescaling data
8:55 Is there a commodity group leading the charge in best practice reconciliation or is it being driven from a company level?
10:45 Is there a value in rescaling data when different sources, like Sub-level caves, block caves and stopes are involved in feeding material to the plant during the month?

If you would like to speak to either Ian or Rayleen about Reconciliation and/or Reconcilor, here are their contact details:

Ian Glacken

Rayleen Hargreaves